Dwight Tolliver, Ph.D.

Dwight Tolliver, Ph.D.

Owner, Psychologist, Co-Author of Gentle Mending

Dwight (he/they) earned his Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee in August of 2008. During the educational and training process, he worked in a variety of settings and with a variety of populations. Specifically, he has worked in community mental health centers, university counseling centers, and with a crisis organization for children and adolescents. Dwight completed his pre-doctoral internship at The Ohio State University’s Counseling and Consultation Service. Dwight has been a licensed psychologist in the state of Ohio since 2009.

Mending, Growth, and Empowerment:

Dwight’s orientation toward clients has a fervently humanistic slant to it.  In essence, this symbolizes a desire to build, create, and foster relationships with clients that matter for the clients.  To achieve this type of relationship, Dwight attempts to understand and connect to the whole human being, suggesting that acceptance is as important as change.  Dwight views the therapeutic journey as a process of mending, and empowerment, which can be accomplished by attending to the processes of daily living such as making routine decisions AND processes of existential living such as how human beings seek purpose and meaning in Life.

Dwight has a deep respect for clients, hoping they feel his care and concern as well as his belief in their ability to change. In this light, he views his role as one where he helps clients feel empowered to interact with others, the world, or themselves differently and to develop the confidence, resilience, and belief to live a sustainable Life. Dwight has been trained as a generalist and embraces his ability to work effectively with diversity and most presenting concerns (e.g., trauma, loss, ADHD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse). He is also proud to be the owner of Affirmations Psychological Services… where diversity, social advocacy, and the belief in the human spirit are appreciated, valued, and nurtured. Dwight sees clients at our Broad St. location.

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