Emerging Services

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Peering into the future, Dwight wants to diversify the services he offers to other human beings. Specifically, Dwight continues to write about his Humanistic work with Complex Trauma and ADHD with plans to extend these experiences more fully by way of continuing educational programs, independently published writings, blog posts, workshops, etc.  

Furthermore, Dwight would like to use his bachelor’s degree in business and experiences as the owner of Affirmations Psychological Services to extend his knowledge into consulting and educational opportunities. 

More specifically, Dwight’s interests include using his Humanistic approach toward psychology with small- to medium-sized businesses looking to enhance and/or sustain the engine of the business, which are the human beings who show up to work on a daily basis.

Dwight has learned valuable lessons regarding the tools needed to own a psychology practice and would enjoy consulting with psychologists who are owners of a private practice or have visions of owning a private psychology practice someday.

Our self-pay rates will soon be updated. Please contact our staff for more information.