Curtis Stein, MA, LPC

Curtis Stein, MA, LPC (he/him/his)

Curtis is a licensed professional counselor who works with multi-cultural, minority, and people of the same LGBTQIA+ community as himself, as well as adolescence, adult populations. Skilled in both one-on-one and group settings using the latest evidence-based methodologies, he focuses on helping people through difficult situation, identity issues, mid-life coming out, depression, anxiety, bullying, as well as many other personal issues. Curtis utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person Centered Therapy, Mindfulness Techniques, Psych-Education and Spiritual Wellbeing (per request). He come from a unique understanding that each person is worthy of a good life despite current or past life experiences. Curtis don’t believe one type of therapy is a subscription for all. Counseling is a personal journey that should provide insight, growth, and wellbeing. The cross-cultural training and global travel he have been able to undertake to counsel others of the world has helped him to choose Affirmations due to the inclusive nature of the practice. Curtis is currently under the supervision of Amy Nims so that he may obtain his supervision credentials within the near future. He is thankful to be apart of the Affirmations team. This rigor will allow him to become the best possible therapist he can continue to be and to continue to open his scope of therapy to help even more populations in need.