Imagine two similar houses in a similar neighborhood nestled next to each other. Undoubtedly, they will share many similarities. Along with similarities, there will be surface differences between the two homes. The exterior of the homes will be different. One house may be a little bigger than the other. There will be individual differences in the landscaping, curve of the driveway, door design, etc. 

If you view the houses from above, you may notice a different type of difference between the two homes. Structurally, one house may position solar panels on the roof (the ADHD Energy). Most likely, the other house will be powered in the more conventional way of using electrical power plants (neurotypical human beings).

Similarly, solar panels and electrical power plants turn energy into electricity. Functionally, electricity in the home is similar for the structure powered by solar energy and the structure powered by electrical power plants. The different structures use electricity for lighting, air cooling, air heating, water heating, food preparation, and maintenance of clothing. As such, the two structures can discuss objective facts about general weather conditions with labels like cloudy, sunny, windy, hot, cold, etc.

Yet, the sources producing energy (electricity) in those structures are vastly different. The source for solar power is the sun (sunlight). The source for electromagnetic power is Mother Earth (fossil fuels). As source energy outputs, sunlight and coal are different on manifold levels. Even though the sun is more sustainable than fossil fuels, it’s unpredictable on a daily or moment to moment basis. Differently, the process of electromagnetism (electrical power) is a scientific conquest and mathematical formula that can manage electricity predictably as long as fossil fuels are available (or until Mother Earth says “NO MORE” to the mauling operations.)

Subjectively, the two structures would experience the weather differently. In short, the energy in the solar-powered structure would be affected by subtle shifts in sunlight occurring daily, seasonally, and moment-to-moment. Yet, the energy in the solar-powered structure would not be as affected by intense weather conditions. Solar panels are quite durable and sturdy.

Subjectively, the two structures are having a different conversation about the weather. If they enter the encounter assuming they are similar structures that will understand each other, more times than not; misunderstanding will be the outcome. Aiming to understand is open to similarities and uses conventional statements (“The storms lately have been great!”). Aiming to Not misunderstand doesn’t make as many assumptions and may use curious questions (“What have you thought about the recent storms?”) .

Misunderstandings can be disheartening. Misunderstandings pack a powerful punch to the emotional/psychological states of human beings. ADHDers, as structural minorities, know misunderstandings well. ADHDers are confused and deflated. Confusion is a breeding ground for unhealthy emotional/psychological states.

Differently, we’ll seek untold stories around similarities AND differences. Functionally and similarly, human beings are motivated to move toward homeostasis, consistency, and belongingness. Subjectively, the ADHD energy takes a different path toward motivational drives such as homeostatis, consitency,a nd belonging.  

With neutrality (not forcing) and humility (not fighting), Nature bestowed the ADHD energy onto me. Thank you for reading…

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